We live in a world with so many different paths. What are we searching in our life? Is it something that we want to keep until we grey and old? Or is it something fragile that even our own hands can’t handle it? Is it something worth to tell our grandchildren in the next few decades? There is no such thing called a fantasy. We all are facing the reality. 

This cruel world, somehow make us stronger than we were before. We happen to believe that everytime we do wrong, we must be responsible for the consequences. But the question is, how we going to learn from that? When we feeling down and the skies are grey, much is said we tend to recall every single faults that we did and then regret it. It's no use crying over spilt milk.

It is time for us to be a better person. Keep on trying until we found what we are searching for. The closer we get there, the more confusing it can be. It is like a kaleidoscope of life but in the most beautiful tragic ways. We see so many things in so many different perspectives. We met so many people with a different logic thinking. And then we started to questioning, why this and why that. 

Every path leads to a different destination. Once we make a wrong move, it can be either too hard or too easy. It is like picking a flower in the garden full of colour, which colour of petals do you want to pick? Is it dark or bright colour? How do you symbolize every colour in your life? No, you don’t. We pick the flower that our heart wants what it wants. We can’t even explain why we pick that. Same goes to life; we can’t even choose what path we want to take. Unless if we know what do we want. And it only happens when we make a self-reflection. 

Everyday we walk in the street passing by strangers without knowing their stories. Every single person in this world is currently fighting in their own battle. And just like you, they woke up every morning with a new hopes and hoping that their so-called fantasy to be happening in real life. The saddest thing is we need to fight with all this thoughts alone. No matter how many friends come into your life trying to comfort you. 

Some of us might think that this life is all about finding a partner. I doubt it. There are so many greater things than that, all you need is that thing called “brave” to discover and explore. It is okay to be alone sometimes. You don’t always need anyone to walk with you. Like I mentioned before, every human being in this world have their own path. And you are currently walking on your path right now, right here. Be careful as you might walking on a fragile line. Make a wrong step; you will fall harder than you thought it would be. 

You don’t understand what I’m trying to convey here do you? Its okay, keep on walking but be careful this time. Someone might pretend to walk with you but actually they want to see you falling. 

Envy vs Jealousy.

Have you ever feel envy of your closest friends? Envy is different than jealousy. Envy is something you wish you could do and be everything like them.

It's crazy, isn’t it? Your best friend shares some big news and you say all the right things and display the right emotions. But inside you’re burning up instead for feeling truly happy, you’re filled with uncontrollable envy but wait, it's NOT that you’re a bad person. You really want to feel happy for your friend. You really want to get rid of these feeling of envy. 

But in the moment, you just can’t. you'd be worried. You feared that if you didn’t get over this feeling u might lose a very good friend. Worse, you might lose yourself and become a bitter person yg penuh dgn kebencian. It took quite some effort to finally come of the situation without ruining ur friendship or rosakkan jiwa kita. And sometimes when we want something so bad and find that our friend got it instead, it fills us up with envy. 

Kita tak nak pun perasaan mcm ni, kita tak mintak. But it’s there. You need to get rid of these thoughts. Accept them for what they are. This is just a normal feelings that arise in a normal human being.

Someday you may realize that the reason you feel envious has little to do with the person who brought out the feelings. Semua ni setan je hasut. While u really can’t stop feeling a sense of envy every now and then, you can choose how you deal with it.


White Lies.

Do you think it's okay to lie in certain circumtances?

I think people lie. Maybe it's part of the human nature. I admit sometimes we lie for many reasons. Not all lies are bad. But it depends on the situation.

There's a difference between lies you are fooled into believing and lies people want to believe.

If we know the truth could affects the person in a negative way. Yes, we told a lie to protect the person. I guess lies are forgivable if the intention is good. Like i said, it depends on the situation, white lies are either hurt or to save someone. 

No im not promoting lies. Everything begins with a decision, it is in your hands to tell a bitter truth or a sweet lies.

Oh ya this entry has nothing to do with anyone. I'm just expressing my thoughts.