burning soul (piece of my mind)

Let’s run away from reality into the world of fantasy,
Bring thousands of memories from the fairgrounds,
Calm down enjoy the beauty of life without boundary,
Look back and regret the past there are no bounds,

Forget all the problems in your mind with no ecstasy,
We will met someone who can treat your wounds,
Scream out with all you might but don't be smothery,
Okay forget it, just like a normal day without sounds.

Like a fire that poured by the water, lost everything,
Like a diamond that burst into a pieces, lost beautiful.

Hey, please be strong in facing all the obstacles,
What’s up? Please don’t just rely on the miracles,
Don’t waste your time, please don’t waste your time,
Just forget everything, everything that has befoul,
Never mind even if you fall just burning your soul,
Oh just burning your soul, bring your burning soul…

Hey, remember that this life is only temporary,
What about just forget the words, there is no dictionary,
Don’t waste your time, please don’t waste your time,
Never take serious about what peoples saying,
Never mind and assume that they are just joking,
Because your soul is burning, take your burning soul…

Think of your wishes and put much effort to get it,
Don’t ever bring your little problems you’ll regret it,
That doesn’t matter if you love or hate, just face it,
If you ever dream something bigger, then just make it.

You never want the failure intrude your life right?
So, make it until it is perfect, and you will be alright,
Never complacent, this is the game of your foresight,
Higher order thinking skills is needed in this firefight.

How the violence could rampant in this world nation?
How about raise yourself up because there is no option.
When you are no longer take them seriously,
Please wake up and resist this war strongly.

“Despite of being a normal people, do you ever think
that you should leave something in this world?
Something that will make everyone remembers you,
even though you’ve gone from this world?”

written by; azrulashraf @ burningsoul
Date; February 25, 2014