Hello everyone. This is me, Azrul. Okay I really don't know how to start this but I will try my best. Here is a lil bit fact about me. I was born on 9 September, 1995. Some people think I'm arrogant. Yes I admit, I don't smile at strangers but I'm not that arrogant. I don't have a favourite food, since I will eat all foods as long as they don't make my tummy upset. I have a deep interest in photography, music and IT. But that doesn't mean I'm an expert in all of that. I'm really talkative in the class until my friend comes to me and tells me to shut up. But still, I can't shut my mouth that easily. All of my friends think I'm the craziest person in town but strangers think I'm the quietest person on the planet. I really love rain. I love the sound and the smells, and I even sleep very comfortably when it rains. I love school because of my friends. I once received stitches in my head because I climbed on the roof of a car and then I fell down. I never fall in love easily but when I do fall in love, I really mean it. I always procrastinate. But when the deadline comes, I can be the busiest person in my class. I hate the feeling of being ignored without knowing the reason why. Come on, I'm the most innocent person that your eyes have ever seen. It's hard for me to adapt to a new environment. Usually it takes time. I'm a fan of music. I'm the type of person that easily becomes nervous, excited, and curious. Sometimes, It all can be at the same time and I just can't hide it. I don't have a girlfriend. I love being single. I mean, the feeling of never being controlled by a girl and being free is the most amazing feeling I ever had. Don't worry, I'm a open-minded person and you can talk about everything with me. Smoking is not my style and never will be my style. I always over-think things at night before I fall sleep. People often say that I'm good at drawing but I never think so.

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